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MD 124 Solstice Time-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) talk about Climate Change,Wars, The Sandbox in windows 11 pro, Solar Panels, new computer Leaf Blowers. Most music provided by the now defunked Mevio.com, Jamendo.com, Free Music Archive.org, Slip. Stream, The No Agenda Show, and Other clandestine sources. Some music Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at noagendashow.com. Songs Played: Terry Allen – UFO, Oliver Anthony, Kate and Ann Mcgarrigl – Song #2, Sir TJ Wrathful – Morristown Blues, ??? - Growing Upside down, Jeff Richards – Rock and Roll Tumbleweed, - Tribbles, Beatrice Ericsson – Starting All Over, The Doerfels – If I Promise, ?????? - Remember Why, Movie Score – Encanto, Tom Lehrer – The Hunting Song, Karolina – Moana, Judy Fields – I Got on This Train to Ride, Joe Martin – High Gravity, Sir TJ Wrathful - Beer Root Rag. Kate and Mcgarrigl - #3, FUMP – I eat Prunes, Amber Sweeny – The Great Northwest.

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