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Welcome to the way I see the World. HA
MD 62 Titanium hips here I come!

Today we discuss-  Movie commercials, flood plains, tsunami, traffic signs, RFID chips, cars with dealer plates, Hip replacement-- Songs Played- Any December-Alora, The Fump-Till Debt do us part, Jasmine Commerce-Letters, Deadlinks-Jumping the Gun, Calison Nash-Do you Feel Alright, Charlie Cheney and the significant otter- Palmer Johnson yacht, Katherine Moller- Birth Island Bandit, Tom Smith- I Don’t Care, Emma Shaka-Can you Hear Me, The Fump- We set the dog on fire, Charlie Cheney and the significant otters-Wool Nipple Pasties, Katherine Moller-Bright eyed and Bushy Haired, The Happy Hippo Family- Strang Town, Wasted Fangs- Keep it in Time, Hillary Reynolds-Band When I’m Dreaming. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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