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MD 67 Another one bites the dust!



MD 67 Another one bites the dust!-- Today we discuss My daughters Wedding!-- Songs Played- Greg Waters and the Broad street Boogie- Move up to the Country, Jodie Levinson-Make me feel so Good, Grace Kelly- Ready set go, Kara square- The Most Genereic, Jodie Levenson- Strong enough,  Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine-I’ll bet ya, Jasmine Commerce-Morning Bird, Kim Jarrett-Hypnotizing, Megan Slank-Soundtrack, Avalon- Rising Jack Daw, The Fump- I wanna see your Cans, Whitney Kelly- Let Go, The Fump-The Sandwich Song, Mark Foggo-Car on a trian - Most other music provided by Mevio.com.




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