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MD 28 How the Angel got on top of the Tree

The tradition of how the Angel got on top of the Tree, well..... not really. Songs played 3 Blind Mice-"Watchstar", and Jam sheriff-" Christmas". Music provided by Mevio.com Peace to all

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Christmas ramblings from the Michigan Maddog, A thanks to all who fight to give us the freedom to choose.Songs Played for MD 27---Silent Night- Unknown, Geoff Smith-Christmas time around the world, Charlie Crowe-joy-kinda holiday-ish, Beatrice Ericsson-Christmas without you, Christmas Break-pale beneath the blue, Christmas- Jam sheriff, Christmas Here on Mars-Bubble, Christmas is Counting on Me-Lee Haris, A Soldier's Christmas-Jay Goeppne, Christmas Commercial - Peeper Brand RoboSantas-Peeper Radio Theatre, Geoff Smith-if Christmas was make believe, King Never-we three kings, Ham for the Holidays-Lynn JULIAN, Mary Did You Know-Nancy Krebs, GeoffSmith-some Christmas huggin and kissin, Watchstar-3 Blind Mice.Music provided by Mevio.com  Peace to all



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