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MD 51 Spring Really?

MD 51 Spring Really?- Today we discuss What a crazy spring, some pet peeves of the Maddog, a movie review of John Carter, and I ask you a question. Songs Played-Slackstring-stranded, Fishing for Comets-Hope is Calling, 3 Blind Mice-your face is not enough, Elephants Gerald-maggie, The Fump-Help me Vodka byRobert Lund, Project Sisyphus-me and you and a dog snafu, Lea Marie-take me for a ride, The Fump-Not dead by Tony Goldmark, Christie Grace-west coast girl, Whitney Kelly-walk away, Fab Da Eclectic-hello, Corey Koehler-change the world. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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