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MD 123 The Bee Story-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) talk about  Camping, Canadian Smoke The Bee Invasion, Hollyhocks, Poison  Ivy, gardening, sheds, Camper Vans. Most music provided by the now defunked Mevio.com, Jamendo.com, Free Music Archive.org, Slip. Stream, The No Agenda Show, and Other clandestine sources. Some music Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at noagendashow.com. Songs Played:  Ainsey Costello – Cherry On Top, Kate an Anna Mcgarrigle - ???, Mister Obvious – Gutters, Emma Wallace – Song in my Head, Tom Lehrer – Be Prepared, Jelly Bricks – Got Away, Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic, Todd Yohn – Orange Barrels, Rustic Overtones - Mr. Presdient, Tina Shafer – Things, Bir 320 -  I Grew a Second Head, Boobs320 – BooblesBBT, Warriors For Hire – We Didn’t  Start the Fire, Jonathan Coulton – Fancy Pants, The Ditty Bops – Moon Over the Freeway, Flames – Southbound, Jellybricks – Simple Me, Flames – Soundboard, Tribbles – Tribbles, Monty Python – Galaxy Song, Rob Costlow – Oceans, Teddy Gieger – Try to Hard, Jonathan Coulton – When You Go.

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