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MD 71 It’s Warm Outside, “Just Kidding”!

Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss-- Worst Winter Ever, Sounds of Snow, Windows, Movie Review-Gravity, VHS to DVD, Private Information Not, The Broken Goblet Philosophy-- Songs Played- Pure Michigan-a Chance of Snow, Casey Desmond- Damn Time, Jodie Levinson- Finally, The Fump- Titanic Monday, Deadlink- Kick, Arlon Bennett- World of possibility, Steph Barak- drift with It, Kaylee Ruland- Boys will be Boys, Drew Vics- Adam Sandler Movies, Phil Johnson and the Roadside Attraction- World of Make Believe, Signe Bck- Pengama, Cheryl B Engehardt- Talk Talk Talk, Zac Mac Band- Cougar, Jenni Alpert- I will Love You, The Whispering Tree- No Love, Phil Ochs- Small Circle of friends. Most music provided by Mevio.com.


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