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Welcome to the way I see the World. HA

MD 112 MD 112 WW III--- Today we MIGHT talk about (you know me) Google Images, Groundhog, Any Trans, Trucks, Phone junkies, The Galactic Federation, Weather, Alexa,. Most music provided by the now defunked Mevio.com, Jamendo.com,  Free Music Archive.org, Slip. Stream, The No Agenda Show, and Other clandestine sources. Some music Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at noagendashow.com. Songs Played: Trout Fishing in America – Proper Cup of Coffee, Melanie Unger – Madly Deeply, State Shirt – Computer, Johnny Mercwer – Countries in the Very Best of Hands, The Gree Duck - On the Rise, Jeremy Messersmith – A Boy, a Girl, and a Graveyard, FUMP – The Ultimate Showdown, Percy Granger – Sheppards Hay, Bengtrock – Billige Reime, Brady Harris – Westard Heaven, Luke Ski – When you Wish Upon a Death Star, The Madpix Project – Liquid Blue, The Lemon Pipers – The Shoemaker, Cole Powell – Always Ever Be, Northern Waste – Fump Truck, ??? – Honor and Sword, TV show The Flash – Marry Me

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