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MD 70 A musical Christmas for you!

All Music No me Enjoy!!

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MD 69 Thanks Again!

MD 69 Thanks Again!-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss , Bear Mauling, McDonald Screw ups, Sexual Harassment and Computer training, Land ownership, gas gauges, spray Paint, sun angles-- Songs Played- The Fump-thank god thanksgiving only comes once a year by Steve Goodie, Isak Gerrbo-dreamer, Jodie Levinson-finally, Hillary Reynolds band-with you, Greg Waters the broad street boogie-shit talking man-with mark little, Signe Bck-Pengarna,  The Fump-Robert Lund – I heart thanksgiving ,  human face-after lunch, Kara Square-a heart with your name on it,  Deadlinks-Hanky Time,  Tom Smith-So thanks, Johnny Buurke on THANKSGIVING. Most music provided by Mevio.com.



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MD 68 U.P. HO!

MD 68 U.P. HO!-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss Trip to U.P., Roundabouts, Flood Plains, Caterpillars, Windows 8, Bear Mauling, McDonald Screw ups, Sexual Harassment and Computer training-- Songs Played- Megan Maria- Manojo de Arena, Jenni Alpert- Listen to your Heart, Jessica Mellott- I’m what you are Looking For, Pepper Radio Theatre- Halloween Special, Jenni Alpert- Who We are, North side Garage- Nothings going to Change, The Fump- mwahawha by Ookla the Mok, Staph Barak-Drift with It, Smallfish-Catch This, Magdalena Konefal- The Miror, Tom Smith-Suit of Armor, David Reo- Hotdog, Steph Barak-Painted Face, Big Bang Theory- From the moment I met you Bernadette, Pepper Radio Theater-Halloween special Conjuring. music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 67 Another one bites the dust!



MD 67 Another one bites the dust!-- Today we discuss My daughters Wedding!-- Songs Played- Greg Waters and the Broad street Boogie- Move up to the Country, Jodie Levinson-Make me feel so Good, Grace Kelly- Ready set go, Kara square- The Most Genereic, Jodie Levenson- Strong enough,  Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine-I’ll bet ya, Jasmine Commerce-Morning Bird, Kim Jarrett-Hypnotizing, Megan Slank-Soundtrack, Avalon- Rising Jack Daw, The Fump- I wanna see your Cans, Whitney Kelly- Let Go, The Fump-The Sandwich Song, Mark Foggo-Car on a trian - Most other music provided by Mevio.com.




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MD 66 Get That out of your mouth!


MD 66 Get That out of your mouth! Today we discuss, Arbitron Ratings, Piles of Asphalt, Windows 8, dogs and Racoons, booby traps humming Birds, and Jelly -- Songs Played- Marie Hiens- Better, Wasted Fangs-Keep it in Time, Whitney Kelly- Comin at you Fast, The High Fidelics- New Killer Ray, Jen Foster- You Stayed, Ban Draiman 21 Seconds, CJ Borden- Vuitton, The Happy Hippo Family- Mustache, Jen Franklin- Leave me Alone, All of the Above- Set ME Free, Gaia- Clarity, ZTom Smith- Kidnapped By Pirates is Good, Casey Desmond- Taste, Gddgdd-Yudao, The Fump- The Next Wolverine, Greg aters- The Broad Street Boogie. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.




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MD 65 I'm Back

Today we discuss---My wife’s car, Michigan Teachers, washing machines, the weather, Iron Man 3, and a chance meeting at the bird feeder-- Songs Played- Xavier and Ophelia-Higher than the sun, Isak Gerrbo-Dreamer,Gaia- All Along, Tom Smith-Sheep marketing Ploy, AdamMcintyre- Nothing Means Anything, GungaLAgunga-In my car, The High Fidelics-Bad Jacket, Oregon Chad-Lil Didddley vampredx, Kara Square-Something Right, Los Chicos-We sound Acoustic, The Fump- Dumbledores Army, Gaia- Clarity, Greg Johnson- The Sheriff, Deadlinks, Mindringer, Greg Johnson- I got Opinions. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 64  Hip replacement tools

Today I discuss usefull tools for someone who has had Hip or knee replacement surgery.

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MD 63 Post Surgery Edition

MD 63 Post Surgery Edition- Today we discuss , Hip Replacement Surgery-- Songs Played- The Sharp Things-Flowers for my Girl, Freds House- Looking Glass, CJ Bordon, I hate California, Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine- Swingtown, The High Fedilics, Dance of the Tiny Knives,  Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine- Waitin, Julie Ingram- Action Reaction, The Fump- You might be insane Ian, Sports Fan-White Lies, Fly Baby-Aesthetic, The Fump-Gorrilla my Dreams, Kim Jarret- I have Patience, Trantula Serpent- Cornbread, The Fump Drew Barrymore’s Cloths, Gaia-I Fell- Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 62 Titanium hips here I come!

Today we discuss-  Movie commercials, flood plains, tsunami, traffic signs, RFID chips, cars with dealer plates, Hip replacement-- Songs Played- Any December-Alora, The Fump-Till Debt do us part, Jasmine Commerce-Letters, Deadlinks-Jumping the Gun, Calison Nash-Do you Feel Alright, Charlie Cheney and the significant otter- Palmer Johnson yacht, Katherine Moller- Birth Island Bandit, Tom Smith- I Don’t Care, Emma Shaka-Can you Hear Me, The Fump- We set the dog on fire, Charlie Cheney and the significant otters-Wool Nipple Pasties, Katherine Moller-Bright eyed and Bushy Haired, The Happy Hippo Family- Strang Town, Wasted Fangs- Keep it in Time, Hillary Reynolds-Band When I’m Dreaming. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 61 Super Commercials

Maddogs Messy Desk MD 61 Super Commercials- Wish Granted, Space Babies, Asking Amy, Cars.com, Volkswagen Game Day 2013, E trade- Save Money, Clydesdales Brotherhood, Dodge Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial Farmer-God made a Farmer-Paul Harvey.

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MD 60 News Flash Maddog Eats Spinach

Today we discuss- The Nutri Bullet, the I phone 5, the weather, and guns.-- Songs Played- Nony zero-hey nony, Carlie cheney and  the significant otters-whiskey, Amanda Ply-like that, the fump-a few of my biggest pet peeves by George Gidley, Cliff Sevens-finger express, Hillary Reynolds band-with you, Whitney Kelly-london, Jasmine Commerce-meant to be crankshaft and the gear grinders-dancin in the dirt- national release 2-5-2013, 3 Blind Mice-emily has compassion fatigue, Deadlinks-wave goodbye, Jasmine Commerce-new day, Xavier and Ophelia-I need money, Jenn Franklin-seven again, Steve Robinson-please emmalene, Two and a Half Men -You're a douche- Epic musical! Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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