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MD 122 Camping Time--- Today we MIGHT (you know me) talk about Camping, Trucks, Alaho State Park, Riffle Rive Recreation area, Canadian Smoke No Rain. Most music provided by the now defunked Mevio.com, Jamendo.com, Free Music Archive.org, Slip. Stream, The No Agenda Show, and Other clandestine sources . Some music Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, Other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at noagendashow.com. Songs Played: Jonathan Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain, Monty Python – The Silly Walk Song, Keb Mo – Theme from B Positive, David Lohstana – Quand je serai grand, Wap – My Girl, Pixie & The Party Boys – Livin in Utah, Mr Obvious – Girlfriend Problems, FUMP – Romeo, Jonathan Coulton – A Talk with George, Katie Thompson – Cruel to be Kind, Tom Smith – EULA Dancing, Jonathan Coulton – Tom Cruise Crazy & Code Monkey, ??? - Brick by Brick, Tom Smith - Two Guys kissing Ruined My Life, Annie Moscow – Somebody To Walk With, BW320 – You're Like Hitler, Pixie & The Partygrass Boys, ?? Track 5 

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