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MD 24 Mondays Really Stink

MONDAYS REALLY STINK   A Skunk a Dog and Mondays,   How you don't want your Monday to start,  Music by Supraluxe songs played- Flower, Boyfriend, Oleander, Chemical Fun, The Big Comedown, Sugar Chalet, and Love Sweet Love. Supraluxe web site www.supraluxe.com Intro and outro by Melina Gerges " wasted Time" Additional Music provided by Mevio.com

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MD 23 Dangerous Chemicals!

" How Gullible Are We?", this little experiment shows how easy it is to lead or mislead the public in any direction you want, so sad.  Wake up and use you brain!       intro and outro by Melina Gerges- "Wasted Time" Additional music provide Mevio.com

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