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MD 66 Get That out of your mouth!


MD 66 Get That out of your mouth! Today we discuss, Arbitron Ratings, Piles of Asphalt, Windows 8, dogs and Racoons, booby traps humming Birds, and Jelly -- Songs Played- Marie Hiens- Better, Wasted Fangs-Keep it in Time, Whitney Kelly- Comin at you Fast, The High Fidelics- New Killer Ray, Jen Foster- You Stayed, Ban Draiman 21 Seconds, CJ Borden- Vuitton, The Happy Hippo Family- Mustache, Jen Franklin- Leave me Alone, All of the Above- Set ME Free, Gaia- Clarity, ZTom Smith- Kidnapped By Pirates is Good, Casey Desmond- Taste, Gddgdd-Yudao, The Fump- The Next Wolverine, Greg aters- The Broad Street Boogie. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.




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