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MD 90 Skunked Again!!

MD 90 Skunked Again !!!-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss Skunks, summer of 2016, trapping, Yard cleaning, our summer garden. Songs Played-The Happy Hippo Family- Strange Town, AGT- Grace Vanderwaal, Beth Thornley- Everyone Falls, Joyce Grenfeld- Three Brothers, Logic-Incredible Story, Boo Detch- Bull Shit, John Kander- My Coloring Book, Cheryl B. Engelhardt- Talk Talk Talk, AGT- Grace Vanderwall, Max Ruba- Let me Clean, Brother Love-Summertime, Jefferson- Take me in your arms, AGT- Brian Justin Crum . Most music provided by Mevio.com. and Archive.org. Other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at http://www.noagendashow.com/


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