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MD 63 Post Surgery Edition

MD 63 Post Surgery Edition- Today we discuss , Hip Replacement Surgery-- Songs Played- The Sharp Things-Flowers for my Girl, Freds House- Looking Glass, CJ Bordon, I hate California, Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine- Swingtown, The High Fedilics, Dance of the Tiny Knives,  Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine- Waitin, Julie Ingram- Action Reaction, The Fump- You might be insane Ian, Sports Fan-White Lies, Fly Baby-Aesthetic, The Fump-Gorrilla my Dreams, Kim Jarret- I have Patience, Trantula Serpent- Cornbread, The Fump Drew Barrymore’s Cloths, Gaia-I Fell- Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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