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MD 57 Halloween Special # 2

MD 57 Halloween Special # 2- Today we discuss , Gas Mileage, How to say you’re Welcome, The Detroit Tigers, thumb drives, leaves, buying used cars, the movie Van Helsing.-- Songs Played- George Woods- Stock, The Fump- Halloween Night, Anya Parker- Mission Possible, Ted Stevened- Something deep inside, Fishing for Comets-Lydia, Slackstring- Sun again will shine, Jen Foster- Stayed, The Middletown Men- Happy Together, Jackopierce- Listen to me, Lit on the Flash- Full moon coming up, Peeper radio theatre- Halloween Special. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 56 Space Jump

Today we discuss- Political commercials, tattoos revisited, Tuneless dvd recorders, Middle East Peace, Gas Mileage, Jumping from space, flocking birds.-- Songs Played-Doug Folkins-Rockin Chair, Lay Low- By and BY, The Fump- He speaks, Fishing for Comets, Brobdingnagian- BEER BEER BEER, Adam Mcintyre- Nothing Means Anything, Christie Grace- Ashleys Lullaby, Ben Draiman- 21 Seconds, The Fump- Save me Obama, Marie Hines- How to Fall out of Love, Jenny Dalto- Violet Walk. . Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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