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MD 48  Winter- Colonoscopy’s, and Politics

Our strange Winter is discussed, Putting things where they are not really suppose to go, and my candidate for 2012 is discussed Vermin Supreme. Music played on MD 48-all of the above-set me free, Jim Fidler-number 1 hospitalitys pavileon, Helen Austin-so I sing to you, Freeky Cleen-now and then, 28-daylight, the Fump-Romeo responds to Taylor Swift by Moneyshot Cosmonauts, Colorectal Surgeon Song, any December-any December - Alora, Casey Desmond-taste it, No agenda Presidential canidate interview with Vermin Supreme, Lee Coulter-Booty Voodoo, the Fump-Robert Lund-50 ways to lose your luggage. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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