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MD 47 Last year 2012?

MD 47 Last year 2012?  New Year’s 2012 is this the last year before the end HA!  End of the world is discussed, also New Year happenings at the mansion, talk about being prepared for disasters.

Songs Played- Avi Wisnia-new year, Tom Smith-baby new year, Tracy jane Comer-pathetic fallacy, Edwin Derricutt-new years day, Lisa Redford-new years day, Cyber Pr Holiday music-Denise Moser- it’s a new years day, Maria Daines-new years eve, Bill Derome-new years resolution, Peeper Radio  Theatre-a very peeper new years, Tracy Jane comer-the edge of tedjhara, Loretta Hagen-as we count on new years eve, Jelli-auld lang syne happy new year.

Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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 MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011


MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011- My third annual Christmas podcast. Christmas past and future and Holiday happenings discussed.

Music played on MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011- Geoff Smith-Christmas time around the world, some Christmas kissin and a huggin, if Christmas was make believe, My own merry Christmas. (Do You Want to Go on a) Sleigh Ride-Lee Harris and Country Sunshine. Silent night Solider. Christmas Baby Please Come Home-Oppenheimer. Rise Up Shepherd And Follow-Cat Jahnke.  Anji bee-happy holidays. Searching For Christmas-Pennypenny. Ya You Betcha Christmas-Gary Sundblad. Ken and Lisa the riot-drink to the holly berry. Santa Monica-TVs Kyle. Beatrice Ericsson-christmas without you. Sunshine collective-our winter wonderland. Rusty Bladen-feels like christmas. Merry Christmas Adam. Guild Christmas. Watchstar-3 Blind Mice. Christmas is Counting on Me-Lee Haris. Ham for the Holidays-Lynn JULIAN. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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