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MD 60 News Flash Maddog Eats Spinach

Today we discuss- The Nutri Bullet, the I phone 5, the weather, and guns.-- Songs Played- Nony zero-hey nony, Carlie cheney and  the significant otters-whiskey, Amanda Ply-like that, the fump-a few of my biggest pet peeves by George Gidley, Cliff Sevens-finger express, Hillary Reynolds band-with you, Whitney Kelly-london, Jasmine Commerce-meant to be crankshaft and the gear grinders-dancin in the dirt- national release 2-5-2013, 3 Blind Mice-emily has compassion fatigue, Deadlinks-wave goodbye, Jasmine Commerce-new day, Xavier and Ophelia-I need money, Jenn Franklin-seven again, Steve Robinson-please emmalene, Two and a Half Men -You're a douche- Epic musical! Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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