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MD 59 Christmas we pray

Today we discuss nothing ha, as my gift to you I play 2 hours of uninterupted Christmas Music enjoy my friends.

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MD 58 Turkeys, Cars, and the Second City

Today we discuss---Chicago, Truck and Car troubles, Kenosha Wisconsin, SD cards, 10 Min Oil Changes, Hurricane Sandy.-- Songs Played- Marvelous Pirates-Discard, Jasmine Commerce- Cheshire Moon, The Fump- Snortin the Bath salts, Happy Hippo Family- R U Injured, Ashley Forrest- Pourin Over Me, Nine Times Blue- Falling Slowly, Bobby Cyrus- Milkmans eyes, Emma Wallace- Song in my head, The happy Hippo family- Monaco, Hillary Renolds Band- With You. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 57 Halloween Special # 2

MD 57 Halloween Special # 2- Today we discuss , Gas Mileage, How to say you’re Welcome, The Detroit Tigers, thumb drives, leaves, buying used cars, the movie Van Helsing.-- Songs Played- George Woods- Stock, The Fump- Halloween Night, Anya Parker- Mission Possible, Ted Stevened- Something deep inside, Fishing for Comets-Lydia, Slackstring- Sun again will shine, Jen Foster- Stayed, The Middletown Men- Happy Together, Jackopierce- Listen to me, Lit on the Flash- Full moon coming up, Peeper radio theatre- Halloween Special. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 56 Space Jump

Today we discuss- Political commercials, tattoos revisited, Tuneless dvd recorders, Middle East Peace, Gas Mileage, Jumping from space, flocking birds.-- Songs Played-Doug Folkins-Rockin Chair, Lay Low- By and BY, The Fump- He speaks, Fishing for Comets, Brobdingnagian- BEER BEER BEER, Adam Mcintyre- Nothing Means Anything, Christie Grace- Ashleys Lullaby, Ben Draiman- 21 Seconds, The Fump- Save me Obama, Marie Hines- How to Fall out of Love, Jenny Dalto- Violet Walk. . Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 55 One Small Step

Today we discuss- College blues, Political commercials, tattoos, Lance Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Joe Paterno, Michigan license plates-- Songs Played--- Fishing for Comets-Acrobat, Peter, Bjorn, and John- Young Folks Radio, The Fump-Mother Load, Geoff Smith- If this Geek Ruled the World, Emma Wallace- Hard to Get, Collin Raye-Josephone, Ted Stevens- Twice as Far, Annie Moscow- Blue Eyes, The Fump- You Might be a Treke. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 54 Of Moles and Moths


MD 54 Of Moles and Moths- Today we discuss moles and moths problems, college bills, rainy weather, air conditioning, my diet, a movie Total Recall. Songs Played- Ted Stevens-Exit Zero, Jenn Franklin-Can’t touch you, Ghost Children of Calico- Happy, Ted Stevens-Long Time, Meagan Maria- Flavour, The Fump- The peddler a half assed Translation, Slackstring- Lend me your Love, The fump-Trivial Mysteries by project Sisyphus, Taylen- One Right, Sincerely Iris- Wrong Time Lovers, Jen Franklin- The Best Thing. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 53 Appliance Woes

Today we discuss a series of appliance break downs, garage sales, Microsoft office upgrades, I pad recycling and the Fourth of July. Songs Played-Sincerely Iris-Time Lovers, The Big Bad Wolf-Jack and the Captain, Adrianne Richards- My Forever, Collin Raye- Hurricane Jane, Erica Glyn-Beautiful, Global Warming Song-courtesy of Adam Cury, Daniel Link- Essence, Bill Zebe-Toast and Jam, Smallfish- Coffee Shop, Turn off your Television- I just Cleaned the Floors, Fishing for Comets- Swam, Ray Charles- America the Beautiful.  Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 52 Signs of Summer

Today we discuss Signs of Summer, a recent Red Squirrel invasion, the Movie Hunger Games and a new Feature called The Mylar Vault. Songs Played- 3 blind mice-baby all, Lee Coulter-She fell in love with the mirror, Anne Davis-get lost, Jellybrick-Simple Me, Tom Smith-go drosophila go, Doug Folkins-Streams of whiskey, Whitney Kelly-Nothing could be better, Dan Tharp-For dad, Jenny Dalton-Shotgun wedding, The Hunger Games Official Trailer, Rich Oades- Cant get you out my mind, Carson from TV Ray Charles- I got a Woman 1980. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 51 Spring Really?

MD 51 Spring Really?- Today we discuss What a crazy spring, some pet peeves of the Maddog, a movie review of John Carter, and I ask you a question. Songs Played-Slackstring-stranded, Fishing for Comets-Hope is Calling, 3 Blind Mice-your face is not enough, Elephants Gerald-maggie, The Fump-Help me Vodka byRobert Lund, Project Sisyphus-me and you and a dog snafu, Lea Marie-take me for a ride, The Fump-Not dead by Tony Goldmark, Christie Grace-west coast girl, Whitney Kelly-walk away, Fab Da Eclectic-hello, Corey Koehler-change the world. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 49  Stinking Computer

MD 49 Stinking Computer-Today we discuss Computer problems, your New Year’s resolutions, saying goodbye to some old friends, Ice storm a coming, and our travel to Ohio.   Songs Played-Pure Michigan spot-A Chance of Snow, The Lacivious Biddy’d- Betty, Jake Roche- Slow Time Down, Tom Smith-EULA Dancing, The Romantic Era-Teach me how to dance, Steve Robinson-Weight of the World, Indoven-Flirting with a Prince, Cheyl B Engelhart- Proof, Tom Smith- Barbie Doll, 28- In these Times, Peeper Radio Theatre- Holms in third Seconds, Pure Michigan- Snowy Days Spoof. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 48  Winter- Colonoscopy’s, and Politics

Our strange Winter is discussed, Putting things where they are not really suppose to go, and my candidate for 2012 is discussed Vermin Supreme. Music played on MD 48-all of the above-set me free, Jim Fidler-number 1 hospitalitys pavileon, Helen Austin-so I sing to you, Freeky Cleen-now and then, 28-daylight, the Fump-Romeo responds to Taylor Swift by Moneyshot Cosmonauts, Colorectal Surgeon Song, any December-any December - Alora, Casey Desmond-taste it, No agenda Presidential canidate interview with Vermin Supreme, Lee Coulter-Booty Voodoo, the Fump-Robert Lund-50 ways to lose your luggage. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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