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MD 87 Baby it’s Cold Outside

MD 87 Baby it’s Cold Outside---Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss Winter, Real Gasoline, Cost of a New Car, The Kuiper Belt. Songs Played- Abigail, Scares the daylights-Deep Dark Black,  Spunky Left Two Lanes- Bran Flakes, Normandie Wilson- Do I, Jason Shaw –Jenny’s Theme, Mels –Hey Girl, Annie Moscow –That’s the Way, Tom Benram – Kiss you one Last Time, State Shirt – Computer, Jim Ronayne – Voyage of the Dunbrody, Sheila Swift – Something Borrowed, Commercial’s – Ma Ma Mia, %Tom Smith – Wikipirates, Ken and Lisa Theiot – Lully Lully, The Left Banke – Pretty Ballerina, ?????? – Ride of the Kazaks, Jason Shaw – Solo Accustic Gutar, Jan Klose – Hold me Down. Most music provided by Mevio.com., The Free Music Archive, and Archive.org.

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