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MD 72 Where’s Spring!

MD 72 Where’s Spring!-- Today we MIGHT(you know me) discuss , Worst Winter Ever, Phone fixes, sexual harassment, computer training,  Abbreviation’s, Songs Played- Pure Michigan- St. Ignas,Freds House- Looking Glass, Grace Kelly- Ready Set Stay, Andrew Abaria- Silent Tonight, Tom Smith- Death by Wubbie, Andrew Abrias- Kiss me Till They Find Us, Isak Gerrbo- I want to see the Sun, Megan Slankard- Soundtrack, Project Sisybus- But Floss Girl, Brene Wilson- Crazy in the Morning, Jasmine Commerce- Come Running, Andrew Abaria- We are the Underdogs, The Fump- You Might be Insane, Kim Mclean- If I were God, Los Chicos- We sound Acoustic But, Tom Smith- Love thy Neighbor. Most music provided by Mevio.com

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