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MD 119 Upgrade Time--- Today we MIGHT (you know me) talk about  Alexa, paper towels, sound bars,electris cars,older Tv Shows, xmass, fixing stuff, Rotten Tomatoes. Most music provided by the now defunked Mevio.com, Jamendo.com,  Free Music Archive.org, Slip. Stream, The No Agenda Show, and Other clandestine sources . Some music Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, Other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at noagendashow.com. Songs Played: STEEP – It could be you, Aurlo Gutherie – Buffalo Gals, No Agenda – Opening bits, Annie Moscow o What everybody wants, The FUMP -  50 ways to lose, The Vow – Morning Coffee and you, Melanieungar – What Is Love, Johnathon Coulton – No one’s above the Law, Bach – The Camrata Brazil, The Ditty Bops – Bye Bye Love, Annie Moscow – Someone to walk with ME, John Stafford Smith – To Anacreon In Heaven, I.D.F.X. – One Day, Tom Lehrer – The Isish Ballad, Uppbeat – All Good Folks, Geoff Smith – Slightest Blue, Rob Costlow – I Do, PDQ Bach – The 3rd 4th and last movment, Sir Jude – The Hurdy Gurdy Man


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