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MD 06 How our government has been taken over by Corporations

From No Agenda #159 John comes up with a theory abou the Health Care Bill.

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MD 02 The Origin of 10Rats.com

Michael Crose is a home and garden expert who I have been listening to for years, he is one of my favorite talk show hosts. In honor of one of his best diatribes which took place over several shows, which I have strung together for you here. I have named my website after  his story, Enjoy.

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MD 05 Christmas song Found after 23 years - now yours to download Free!

The year is 1985. Ronald Reagan begins his second term. The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes Debuts in 35 newspapers. The first Nintendo home gaming system (the NES) is released and The Meijer Choral Group records A Michigan Christmas Card which is sold in Meijer stores for the holidays.Despite its brief release, the record was taken to heart by many who heard it and now, 23 years later we've stumbled upon a copy of the record in the Meijer archives and are making it available to all as a free .mp3 download.Whether you remember the song from long ago or are just hearing of it for the first time, here's your chance to have your very own copy.

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MD 04 Maddog77s Meanderings of the Christmass kind

Podsafe Christmas Music by the following Artists: Doug Astrop-Carol of the Bells, 3 Blind Mice-Watchstar, Smallfish-Chestnuts Roasting, Geoff Smith-If Christmas Was Make Believe, Pale beneath the Blue-Christmas Break, Lynn Julian-I tricked Nick,Peeper Brand robo santa-Christmas Commercial, Lee Harris-Christmas is counting on me, Jam Sheriff-Christmas, Geoff Smith-Christmas around the world, The Hosts-Christmastime, ??-Deck the halls, Rusty Bladen-Feels like Christmas, Larry Seyer-Jingle jangle, Smallfish-We three Kings, Lee Harris-Merry Christmas where ever you Are, Geoff Smith-My own merry Christmas, The Alice Project-Regifting for the Holidays, TVs Kyle-Santa Monica, Geoff Smith Some Christmas Huggin and a Kissin, Seven5Seven-We Wish you a merry Christmas. Podsafe Music provided from http://music.mevio.com

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MD 03 Cap and Trade will improve your life.  YA RIGHT

From No Agenda #155 With John C. Dvorak  and Adam Curry.  Lisa Jackson of the EPA telling you how Cap and Trade will improve your life.  YA RIGHT

MD 01 Father Roderick Live promo

A Promo I did for the Father Roderick live show, he used to ustream at all odd hours and that made for some funny comments from time to time.

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MD 10 The Truth about the American Thanksgiving!

Ran accross this and said wow, everyone should hear this.

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Politicians never change do they, make promises break promises.

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