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MD 80 In the Bleak Midwinter

MD 80 In the Bleak Midwinter-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss Winter, Snow Types, How HG TV has Ruined Men’s Lives, Oxygen and where it comes from, Movie The American Sniper. Songs Played- Pure Michigan-, Winter Virgins, Big Bang-The long Version, In the Bleak Midwinter –Our Front Porch, I eat Prunes- The FUMP, Matt Montez-Thousand Faces, The Elements- Tom Leher, Jack Lawless Rebecca Mae- It’s a good, Alun Parry- The Dirty Thirty, Mat Mintez- Destruction, Alison Crowe- Seven old Ladies, The new Periodic Table Song, Rise bailey Rise- Circle for a Sun, Jan Klose- Beautiful Dream, The Big Bang Theory Song –The Fump. Most music provided by Mevio.com.


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