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MD 59 Christmas we pray

Today we discuss nothing ha, as my gift to you I play 2 hours of uninterupted Christmas Music enjoy my friends.

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MD 58 Turkeys, Cars, and the Second City

Today we discuss---Chicago, Truck and Car troubles, Kenosha Wisconsin, SD cards, 10 Min Oil Changes, Hurricane Sandy.-- Songs Played- Marvelous Pirates-Discard, Jasmine Commerce- Cheshire Moon, The Fump- Snortin the Bath salts, Happy Hippo Family- R U Injured, Ashley Forrest- Pourin Over Me, Nine Times Blue- Falling Slowly, Bobby Cyrus- Milkmans eyes, Emma Wallace- Song in my head, The happy Hippo family- Monaco, Hillary Renolds Band- With You. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 57 Halloween Special # 2

MD 57 Halloween Special # 2- Today we discuss , Gas Mileage, How to say you’re Welcome, The Detroit Tigers, thumb drives, leaves, buying used cars, the movie Van Helsing.-- Songs Played- George Woods- Stock, The Fump- Halloween Night, Anya Parker- Mission Possible, Ted Stevened- Something deep inside, Fishing for Comets-Lydia, Slackstring- Sun again will shine, Jen Foster- Stayed, The Middletown Men- Happy Together, Jackopierce- Listen to me, Lit on the Flash- Full moon coming up, Peeper radio theatre- Halloween Special. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 56 Space Jump

Today we discuss- Political commercials, tattoos revisited, Tuneless dvd recorders, Middle East Peace, Gas Mileage, Jumping from space, flocking birds.-- Songs Played-Doug Folkins-Rockin Chair, Lay Low- By and BY, The Fump- He speaks, Fishing for Comets, Brobdingnagian- BEER BEER BEER, Adam Mcintyre- Nothing Means Anything, Christie Grace- Ashleys Lullaby, Ben Draiman- 21 Seconds, The Fump- Save me Obama, Marie Hines- How to Fall out of Love, Jenny Dalto- Violet Walk. . Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 55 One Small Step

Today we discuss- College blues, Political commercials, tattoos, Lance Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Joe Paterno, Michigan license plates-- Songs Played--- Fishing for Comets-Acrobat, Peter, Bjorn, and John- Young Folks Radio, The Fump-Mother Load, Geoff Smith- If this Geek Ruled the World, Emma Wallace- Hard to Get, Collin Raye-Josephone, Ted Stevens- Twice as Far, Annie Moscow- Blue Eyes, The Fump- You Might be a Treke. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 54 Of Moles and Moths

MD 54 Of Moles and Moths- Today we discuss moles and moths problems, college bills, rainy weather, air conditioning, my diet, a movie Total Recall. Songs Played- Ted Stevens-Exit Zero, Jenn Franklin-Can’t touch you, Ghost Children of Calico- Happy, Ted Stevens-Long Time, Meagan Maria- Flavour, The Fump- The peddler a half assed Translation, Slackstring- Lend me your Love, The fump-Trivial Mysteries by project Sisyphus, Taylen- One Right, Sincerely Iris- Wrong Time Lovers, Jen Franklin- The Best Thing. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 53 Appliance Woes

Today we discuss a series of appliance break downs, garage sales, Microsoft office upgrades, I pad recycling and the Fourth of July. Songs Played-Sincerely Iris-Time Lovers, The Big Bad Wolf-Jack and the Captain, Adrianne Richards- My Forever, Collin Raye- Hurricane Jane, Erica Glyn-Beautiful, Global Warming Song-courtesy of Adam Cury, Daniel Link- Essence, Bill Zebe-Toast and Jam, Smallfish- Coffee Shop, Turn off your Television- I just Cleaned the Floors, Fishing for Comets- Swam, Ray Charles- America the Beautiful.  Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 52 Signs of Summer

Today we discuss Signs of Summer, a recent Red Squirrel invasion, the Movie Hunger Games and a new Feature called The Mylar Vault. Songs Played- 3 blind mice-baby all, Lee Coulter-She fell in love with the mirror, Anne Davis-get lost, Jellybrick-Simple Me, Tom Smith-go drosophila go, Doug Folkins-Streams of whiskey, Whitney Kelly-Nothing could be better, Dan Tharp-For dad, Jenny Dalton-Shotgun wedding, The Hunger Games Official Trailer, Rich Oades- Cant get you out my mind, Carson from TV Ray Charles- I got a Woman 1980. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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