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MD 28 How the Angel got on top of the Tree

The tradition of how the Angel got on top of the Tree, well..... not really. Songs played 3 Blind Mice-"Watchstar", and Jam sheriff-" Christmas". Music provided by Mevio.com Peace to all

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Christmas ramblings from the Michigan Maddog, A thanks to all who fight to give us the freedom to choose.Songs Played for MD 27---Silent Night- Unknown, Geoff Smith-Christmas time around the world, Charlie Crowe-joy-kinda holiday-ish, Beatrice Ericsson-Christmas without you, Christmas Break-pale beneath the blue, Christmas- Jam sheriff, Christmas Here on Mars-Bubble, Christmas is Counting on Me-Lee Haris, A Soldier's Christmas-Jay Goeppne, Christmas Commercial - Peeper Brand RoboSantas-Peeper Radio Theatre, Geoff Smith-if Christmas was make believe, King Never-we three kings, Ham for the Holidays-Lynn JULIAN, Mary Did You Know-Nancy Krebs, GeoffSmith-some Christmas huggin and kissin, Watchstar-3 Blind Mice.Music provided by Mevio.com  Peace to all



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MD 26 Time to Fall

Music from Beth Thornley,  How to prepare for a Michigan Winter, advice from the  Michigan Maddog. Songs include: Done, So Pony, Stand, Still Can't Hide, You're Right  Where, What the Heart Wants, There's no Way, Never you Girl, Mr. Lovely, My Glass Eye, It's Mine, Double Wide, Everyone Falls, Bound, A to Z.  Intro and outro by Melina Gerges " wasted Time" Additional Music provided by Mevio.com

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MD 25 Chevy Volt

My take on the Chevrolet Volt, False mileage claims, Just exchanging one form of pollution for another, But it's still cool!

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MD 24 Mondays Really Stink

MONDAYS REALLY STINK   A Skunk a Dog and Mondays,   How you don't want your Monday to start,  Music by Supraluxe songs played- Flower, Boyfriend, Oleander, Chemical Fun, The Big Comedown, Sugar Chalet, and Love Sweet Love. Supraluxe web site www.supraluxe.com Intro and outro by Melina Gerges " wasted Time" Additional Music provided by Mevio.com

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MD 23 Dangerous Chemicals!

" How Gullible Are We?", this little experiment shows how easy it is to lead or mislead the public in any direction you want, so sad.  Wake up and use you brain!       intro and outro by Melina Gerges- "Wasted Time" Additional music provide Mevio.com

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MD 22 Money Morons

Money Morons  Some common sense ramblings about how to handle your money, inspired by Dave Ramsey   Intro and outro by Melina Geres-Wasted Time.  Podsafe Music provided by music.mevio.com

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MD 21 Poop Freeze test

As pomised, the Poop Freeze test with the famous Assistant. In a world that I thought I had seen everything, well I could have done with out seeing this.  music provided by mevio.com


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MD 20  Norton anti virus pains, and some soothing music from Adrina Thorpe

Selections of podsafe music sung by Adrina Thorpe   songs- Did You Think, Never Ment, Sorry, More Than, Midnight, Round the Bend, and Fly Fly Fly.  Intro and outro by Melina Geres-Wasted Time.  Podsafe Music provided by music.meveio.com

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MD 19 Media Morons #1


Energy from salt water, or so this video says, Mr. reporter asks absolutely no intellegent questions, so I ask them for him.

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