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MD 47 Last year 2012?

MD 47 Last year 2012?  New Year’s 2012 is this the last year before the end HA!  End of the world is discussed, also New Year happenings at the mansion, talk about being prepared for disasters.

Songs Played- Avi Wisnia-new year, Tom Smith-baby new year, Tracy jane Comer-pathetic fallacy, Edwin Derricutt-new years day, Lisa Redford-new years day, Cyber Pr Holiday music-Denise Moser- it’s a new years day, Maria Daines-new years eve, Bill Derome-new years resolution, Peeper Radio  Theatre-a very peeper new years, Tracy Jane comer-the edge of tedjhara, Loretta Hagen-as we count on new years eve, Jelli-auld lang syne happy new year.

Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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 MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011


MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011- My third annual Christmas podcast. Christmas past and future and Holiday happenings discussed.

Music played on MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011- Geoff Smith-Christmas time around the world, some Christmas kissin and a huggin, if Christmas was make believe, My own merry Christmas. (Do You Want to Go on a) Sleigh Ride-Lee Harris and Country Sunshine. Silent night Solider. Christmas Baby Please Come Home-Oppenheimer. Rise Up Shepherd And Follow-Cat Jahnke.  Anji bee-happy holidays. Searching For Christmas-Pennypenny. Ya You Betcha Christmas-Gary Sundblad. Ken and Lisa the riot-drink to the holly berry. Santa Monica-TVs Kyle. Beatrice Ericsson-christmas without you. Sunshine collective-our winter wonderland. Rusty Bladen-feels like christmas. Merry Christmas Adam. Guild Christmas. Watchstar-3 Blind Mice. Christmas is Counting on Me-Lee Haris. Ham for the Holidays-Lynn JULIAN. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 45 Thanks for the Turkey

MD 45 Thanks for the Turkey-- on this show we re-visit the Squirrel wars, Our Thanksgiving, the unusual recent weather,  and Christmas shopping.


Music played on MD 45 Thanks for the Turkey-The Fump- I heart Thanksgiving, Campfire-Pimp and Prune, Laura Clapp-Gotta be ME, Strangefinger-I feel Fine, Jenny Dalton- My Shape, The Fump-Thank God Thanksgiving only comes once a year, Whitney Kelly- Free, Ryan Chrys- Thank You, Tom Smith- So Thanks. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.


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MD 44 Squirrel Wars

MD 44 Squirrel Wars-- on this show GPS voices finally got downloaded, I tell you about my non-ending war with the squirrels, and I ask you some important questions.


Music played on MD 44 Squirrel Wars-3 Blind Mice-Dead Penguin, Anne Davis- Get Lost, Cheryl Englehardt-Proof, Parents with Angst-Pinwheel, Beth Thornley-Once, The Modest Lads-Trouser Load of Love, Whitney Kelly-Walk away, Fump-Burn, The Red Plastic Buddha-Daisy Love, Jenny Dalton-Shotgun Wedding, Marie Hines-Wrapped up in Love- Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 43 Trick or Trick

MD 43 Trick or Trick-- The Halloween edition, on this show Halloween pasts are discussed, the magical GPS machine is praised, and a trip to Ohio is remembered.

Music played on MD 43 Trick or Trick-Peeper Radio Theatre- Halloween special Trick or Treat, Honeycut-Shadows, The Bombhappies-Love is a Trap, 3 Blind Mice-Derek Malone, Marie Hines-Wrapped up in Love, Jims Big Ego- Stress, The Fump-Halloween night by Dino Mike, Whitney Kelly-Walk Away, The Fump- PC Halloween, Susan Picking-Keep on Keepin on, Tom Smith-On line Ghost, Peeper Radio Theatre Halloween Special Conjuring.  Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 42 Waiting on the AC Guy!

MD 42 Waiting on the AC guy!

Fall yes it is, things around the house needed done this time of year are discussed, preemptive Air Conditioner repair done after of course some waiting.

Songs Played-Annie Moscow-I think I understand you now, Blackout Pilot-Sweet Sarah, The Rubinoos-Someday, Shachar Gilad-Black and Blue, Casey Desmond-Chilly Allston, Cats and Jammers-Mannequin, Pepper Radio Theatre-Holmes in 30 sec The engineer’s Thumb, Pure Michigan-A Simple Sunrise, Annie Moscow-That was before the World Changed, The Frump-Fake it better Granito, Katie Thompson-Good as Gold, Pure Michigan Spoof-Saugatuk. Opening and close music by Melina Gerges, Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 41 You're a Michigander if

You're a Michigander if you've done this,Thousand of people joined Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in walking the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day.  A short video and commentary by the Michigan Maddog.

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MD 40 We Remember

September 11, 2011  remembering the past, Ten years ago! 

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MD 39 Pools, and Potter, Harry that is!

Summer heat and pools are discussed, also we say goodbye to Harry, Potter that is. The last movie is reviewed.

Songs Played- Dirty Proper-1976, Beth Thornley-beautiful Lie, Smallfish Thank you, Cake or Death-Satisfied, Ken and the New Incredibles- Sorry for you, Greg Smith and the Broken English-Haylie, Matt Cairns-Anything, Uncle Seth-To be an Angle, Jake Roche-Slow time down, Peeper Radio Theater- Peeper Brand Motor Cars, Saint Mad- I See myself in You, Smallfish- Advise. Opening and close music by Melina Gerges, Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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MD 38 Tubs, Tractors, and Toilets

Recent tractor debacle, the plumber finds the last straw, we finally say goodbye to the plumber and a discussion of a rocker toilet.


Songs Played-

The Clintons-Fan of the Bean, John Pigeon-Higher, Cynthia Sayer-The Gift, Sketches-Fly Baby, Katie Thompson-Impossible, Smallfish- Button, Sunspot-When the Revolution Comes, Jennings-The Dark, Lee Coulter-Watchu, The Rubinoos-Altamount, Ellenonceagain-Spreadingthelove 

 Opening and close music by Melina Gerges, Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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