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MD 69 Thanks Again!

MD 69 Thanks Again!-- Today we MIGHT (you know me) discuss , Bear Mauling, McDonald Screw ups, Sexual Harassment and Computer training, Land ownership, gas gauges, spray Paint, sun angles-- Songs Played- The Fump-thank god thanksgiving only comes once a year by Steve Goodie, Isak Gerrbo-dreamer, Jodie Levinson-finally, Hillary Reynolds band-with you, Greg Waters the broad street boogie-shit talking man-with mark little, Signe Bck-Pengarna,  The Fump-Robert Lund – I heart thanksgiving ,  human face-after lunch, Kara Square-a heart with your name on it,  Deadlinks-Hanky Time,  Tom Smith-So thanks, Johnny Buurke on THANKSGIVING. Most music provided by Mevio.com.



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