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MD 43 Trick or Trick

MD 43 Trick or Trick-- The Halloween edition, on this show Halloween pasts are discussed, the magical GPS machine is praised, and a trip to Ohio is remembered.

Music played on MD 43 Trick or Trick-Peeper Radio Theatre- Halloween special Trick or Treat, Honeycut-Shadows, The Bombhappies-Love is a Trap, 3 Blind Mice-Derek Malone, Marie Hines-Wrapped up in Love, Jims Big Ego- Stress, The Fump-Halloween night by Dino Mike, Whitney Kelly-Walk Away, The Fump- PC Halloween, Susan Picking-Keep on Keepin on, Tom Smith-On line Ghost, Peeper Radio Theatre Halloween Special Conjuring.  Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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