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MD 42 Waiting on the AC Guy!

MD 42 Waiting on the AC guy!

Fall yes it is, things around the house needed done this time of year are discussed, preemptive Air Conditioner repair done after of course some waiting.

Songs Played-Annie Moscow-I think I understand you now, Blackout Pilot-Sweet Sarah, The Rubinoos-Someday, Shachar Gilad-Black and Blue, Casey Desmond-Chilly Allston, Cats and Jammers-Mannequin, Pepper Radio Theatre-Holmes in 30 sec The engineer’s Thumb, Pure Michigan-A Simple Sunrise, Annie Moscow-That was before the World Changed, The Frump-Fake it better Granito, Katie Thompson-Good as Gold, Pure Michigan Spoof-Saugatuk. Opening and close music by Melina Gerges, Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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