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MD 35 Of Robins, Stink bugs, and Sick Dogs

MD 35 Of Robins, Stink bugs, and Sick Dogs

Plumbing story continued, Robins over the septic tank, stink bugs and sick dogs are discussed, and the movie The Kings speech is reviewed.Songs played on MD 35 Geoff Smith-Talk like a Man, Dirty Proper- Fallin for you, Emma Wallace-Pet, Zack and Sarah-Captivate Me, Kim McClean-China, Val Davis- The Texas sky, Ghostess-Pick up the Book, Helen Austin-All in the Letters, Matthew Ebel-Wasteing my Time, Peeper Radio Theatre-Holmes in 30 sec, The Capes-Carly, Emma Wallace-Come here to ME, The Rubinoos-Cave Girls . Opening and close music by Melina Gerges, Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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