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MD 29 Mixing Up the New Year!

New Years ramblings from the Michigan Maddog, discussion of my new mixer setup, tales of our holiday gatherings, movie review-Tron, and a discussion of failed New Year’s resolutions. Songs played on MD 29- 46Bliss-Joan of Arc, Allison Crowe-Skeletons and spirits, Annie Fitzgerald-Watch the World go By, 46Bliss-NA NA NA, 46Bliss in a long time, Allison Crowe-Lisa’s song, Anne Davis-Temple of contradiction, Beatrice Ericsson-Reach out, Beatrice Ericson-Starting all over, Bill- Sound Scientist, Bill-Watercolors, Beatrice Ericson-Put a little love, Bill, Guy the class of 68, Bill-Panacea, Black Lab-Ghost in your mind, Black Lab The real you, Black Lab- Remember.   Opening and close music by Melina Gerges, Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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