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MD 104 I’ll Pass on 2020--- Today we MIGHT (you know me) What has been going on in the last year, wuhan Flu, Hot Hot Summer, Florida, Staying at Home. Songs Played— Achmeds Up on the House Top,  Diablo Swing Orchestra – Balrog Boogie, Kevin Macleod – Parisian, Judy Collns – Albatroth, All you need is Love - ???, Monty Pthyton -  The Lumberjack song, Explosive Ear Candy – New Life,  Kingston Trio – Tom Duly, The Freak Fandango Orchestra - ????, Tina Shafer -  Don’t Crt about Me. The Montanas – You’ve Goyt to Be Loved, The Palace Orcastra – My Gorilla,  Oscer –Doing the McBerni Square, Jen Franklin – Leave me Alone, Hail in the key of Love - ??, Annie Moscow -  Blue Eyes .Most music provided by Mevio.com, Jamendo.com,  freemusicarchive.org, and Archive.org. Some music  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, Other clips taken from the No Agenda Show at noagendashow.com

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