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 MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011


MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011- My third annual Christmas podcast. Christmas past and future and Holiday happenings discussed.

Music played on MD 46 Christmas Time Again 2011- Geoff Smith-Christmas time around the world, some Christmas kissin and a huggin, if Christmas was make believe, My own merry Christmas. (Do You Want to Go on a) Sleigh Ride-Lee Harris and Country Sunshine. Silent night Solider. Christmas Baby Please Come Home-Oppenheimer. Rise Up Shepherd And Follow-Cat Jahnke.  Anji bee-happy holidays. Searching For Christmas-Pennypenny. Ya You Betcha Christmas-Gary Sundblad. Ken and Lisa the riot-drink to the holly berry. Santa Monica-TVs Kyle. Beatrice Ericsson-christmas without you. Sunshine collective-our winter wonderland. Rusty Bladen-feels like christmas. Merry Christmas Adam. Guild Christmas. Watchstar-3 Blind Mice. Christmas is Counting on Me-Lee Haris. Ham for the Holidays-Lynn JULIAN. Most other music provided by Mevio.com.

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